CASA Framework User Initiated Assessment

CASA Framework User Initiated Assessment

A Framework User is any organization (e.g., Google) that has adopted the CASA framework for their application assessment process. The Framework User initiated assessment might be started when your application is required to show a level of compliance in order to provide services or access sensitive user data via APIs. For this type of assessment the below steps are followed in order.


To start your assessment, you must receive a notification from the Framework User indicating that you are required to complete a CASA assessment.This notification will include the tier of the assessment you are required to complete and the due date of your assessment


Reach out to any preferred Authorized Assessor(s) to price and schedule your assessment. We encourage you to reach out to more than one Assessor to find the assessor that fits your needs and your timeline. 

Provide your chosen assessor with a copy of the notification email in order to kick off your assessment process.


Upon completion of your assessment, the Authorized Assessor will provide you and the Framework User with a Letter of Validation (LOV).

Annual Revalidation

A Framework User initiated assessment is required annually to provide continued compliance. This step starts with a notification that your application is due for revalidation where you will follow the same steps above.